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INFOGEO acquires, processes and analyzes geophysical and topographic data, acquired by airborne means (drone and light aircraft ) or on the ground, for all projects related to the energy transition.
Whether your project is to install solar or wind power plants on the ground, to produce mineral resources (such as critical metals, industrial minerals or rare gases such as helium) or energy resources (such as geothermal energy or hydrogen ) present in the subsurface, or to create geological storage sites, INFOGEO will be able to offer you the exploration data that suits you, in France and aboard, through its DATA 4 EXPLORER solutions.

INFOGEO has full control over all its services, both in terms of field data acquisition systems and data processing. We have our own ultra light aircraft and onboard sensors, as well as a dedicated software platform used by experienced engineers based in France. INFOGEO can support you in your ground or subsurface exploration projects, serving the energy transition.
Our team

Our team is characterized by operational excellence acquired by its members throughout their military, industrial or academic careers, a pragmatic spirit and open to low-tech solutions and the will to always propose solutions adapted to the real needs of the client and the field conditions.

Emmanuel Pizzo
Julie michaud

Julie is a geological engineer specialized in mineral resources. She  is responsible for the acquisition and processing of geophysical data: magnetic, gravimetry and gamma spectrometry

Emmanuel is  the CEO and founder of the company, but also the logistician and operational technician in the field. After 27 years spent in the french Ministry of Defense, Emmanuel created the company in September 2015 to transfer his skills acquired in the military to the field of airborne geophysics.

Jean-Dominique Digard
jean do.jpg

Jean-Dominique has been a partner within INFOGEO since its creation. He served 29 years in the french Ministry of Defense. Pilot for INFOGEO since 2018, he has all the qualifications required for aerial work: Ultra Light Aircraft pilot and instructor, DNC A2, human factors training, radio telephony qualification in French and English.

Notre équipe
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